“Souls on Ice” True Stories of Frozen Embryo Adoption

Maria Lancaster, Executive Director and co-founder of the first ever church based embryo adoption agency shares her personal journey, as well as the stories of many families that have been through the embryo adoption process with the Embryo Adoption Service of Cedar Park Church.

Souls on Ice is the first book ever released on the topic of embryo adoption and embryo donation and includes the personal journeys of families that have gone through the process. Families tell their stories in their own words by discussing the pain of infertility and the wondrous adventure that is embryo adoption.

The book includes real life stories of real people, such as the following words of one woman as she describes the moments after she gives birth to her embryo adopted son, Asher:

“The moment you were born was the most incredible moment of my life. I can still feel your little limbs pressed against my chest, and my lips can still feel your wet, smooth head and face. You took a moment to breathe. They had me hold, caress, and talk to you. You started a gurgly cry, so Daddy and I sang “Baby Mine” to you. I remember crying out, “My baby!” and “He’s real!” That’s what struck me just at that moment. You were real! Little, complete you! And you had a soul! And you were our son. Our son, the one we had longed for, cried over, and prayed for. Our greatest gift! It was so hard to hand you over to Daddy after he cut the cord. I was, and am, so in love, so enamored with you, my little Asher. You surely have my heart. I love you more than I ever dreamed it was possible to love a child. You are my sweet boy”…. Kristin

Read this and more success stories in this soon to be released book “Souls on Ice”. Embryo Adoption Services of Cedar Park is a ministry of Cedar Park Church… “Dedicated to Uniting Families for Life!”

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